Non-Profit and Association Accounting Services

SolutionsWith the downturn in the economy, many local non-profits and associations have been forced to make tough staffing decisions.  Oftentimes accounting functions are spread as secondary duties to staff not fully qualified to carry out the tasks, or the accounting department becomes so small that a lack of separation of duties exists.  As we’ve seen time and again, this exposure to embezzlement can cause long term damage to an organization.

With our services geared towards non-profits and associations, we can tailor a suite of services to fit your needs to including:

  • Full charge accounts receivable and accounts payable, including tracking pledges and billing members.
  • External bank reconciliations.
  • A fully implemented system of internal controls to minimize chances for loss.
  • Preparation of Board packets.
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Preparing a financial package in compliance with grant writing guidelines (including assistance with the CHSP application).

After a thorough consultation, we will put together the right mix of services for your entity and price it on an ongoing contract basis.  With the removal of taxes and benefits, our services our often cheaper than an in house counterpart. Please contact our office today for a free consultation.