Compilations and Bookkeeping

We provide compilation and bookkeeping services for all types of businesses, trusts, non-profit organizations and local governments.

We can take care of your bookkeeping while you take care of your business.  Our compiled reports are easy to read and we show you key areas that need your attention.

For many small companies, an outsourced bookkeeping department can be a great savings.  Our fees will be much less than a full time position, plus you will save on payroll taxes and benefits.  However, we will customize a program that best suits your needs.  Some examples include:

  • Full charge bookkeeping.
    • This includes actually writing checks, processing payments, and reconciling accounts.
    • We will tailor a system to your needs which will ensure appropriate separation of duties and a distinct audit trail.
  • Compilation services
    • On a monthly or quarterly basis, we will take your financial information and recap it into an appropriate financial statement format.
    • This is after the fact accounting, but is critical for small businesses to help with budgeting, analysis, and income tax preparation.
  • Statutory reporting
    • We work with trusts and guardianships to provide court or other legally required reporting statements.

Please give us a call and let’s discuss the right level of service for you.